Spurs vs Kings Primer: Usage vs True Shooting

A few things to help. Intersection of each axis is the league average for those that have played more than 90 minutes(~.55 for TS% and 19.2 for usage). The “S”s you see are the team average for each team. It’s clear by the distribution that the Kings get their shots to fall more than theContinue reading “Spurs vs Kings Primer: Usage vs True Shooting”

Spurs vs Thunder Primer: Usage and True Shooting Percent

Something different here. Axis intersections are league average for those that have played >90 total minutes. Usage 19.2 and True Shooting is 55.2%

Spurs Offensive and Defensive Box Plus Minus

Please don’t see this as pure truth. Like lineup data, so much is dependent upon factors beyond plus/minus data. For example, everybody in the league knows that Jakob is a very good defender. But he’s not playing alone. Part of making a lineup work is to balance the different strengths and weaknesses of the playersContinue reading “Spurs Offensive and Defensive Box Plus Minus”

November 1st ’21: Spurs Update: BPM vs TS%

Here is the Spurs update for Nov 1st. Box Plus minus vs True Shootings. Please note the current league average for true shooting is 54.5%…The current spurs average is 52.9%. This chart only include players with >70 total minutes played.