Spurs Clippers Primer: Usage and True Shooting %

Devin’s recent hot shooting has pulled him up firmly above the league’s average. Derrick is still having a rough shooting start to the season. With such his usage third in the league, Paul George is clearly the star on the court for this game.

Spurs vs Kings Primer: Usage vs True Shooting

A few things to help. Intersection of each axis is the league average for those that have played more than 90 minutes(~.55 for TS% and 19.2 for usage). The “S”s you see are the team average for each team. It’s clear by the distribution that the Kings get their shots to fall more than theContinue reading “Spurs vs Kings Primer: Usage vs True Shooting”

Grizzlies Vs Timberwolves Primer: Plus Minus and PER

Intersection at league average for Offensive and Defensive box plus minus for those having >90 minutes played. Two very opposing teams currently. Timberwolves have defended well and the Grizzlies have scored well.