Spurs Vs Mavs Primer: Plus Minus and Game Score

Intersection of each axis is the league average for those that have played more than 120 minutes. The “S”s you see are the team average for each team. Thaddeus Young has now met the minutes minimum requirement to be included on the chart. And, wow, debuted in exactly the correct quadrant! Data from Basketball Reference.Continue reading “Spurs Vs Mavs Primer: Plus Minus and Game Score”

Grizzlies Vs TimberWolves Primer: Usage and True shooting

Please note: Game Score is an estimate (accurate within 0.2) by applying the formula to the current averages for the season. Also, the axis intersections are current means of those in the league that have played at least 100 minutes.

Spurs Offensive and Defensive Box Plus Minus

Please don’t see this as pure truth. Like lineup data, so much is dependent upon factors beyond plus/minus data. For example, everybody in the league knows that Jakob is a very good defender. But he’s not playing alone. Part of making a lineup work is to balance the different strengths and weaknesses of the playersContinue reading “Spurs Offensive and Defensive Box Plus Minus”