I find it very compelling to visually examine data. This blog will primarily examine data from the NBA…but I have other dreams for the future.

I’m a professor that studies and teaches human physiology. I’m also a big fan of basketball and table top gaming. The purpose of this site is to post charts and figures that allow us to view data in another light. So many people shy away from numbers….but love pictures. What if I can post images that merge our two worlds?

My journey makes sense. Over 25 years ago I started college as an art education major…only to now spend my time helping people quantify and understand physiology. I guess this was always in there.

Like most blogs, this is my creative outlet. I hope these posts bring some engagement and happiness into your life. Jesse Pittsley Ph.D.

High Usage Guards Usage vs Turnover Rate

The chart above displays high usage guards and select (smaller) wings (56 players) in the NBA with the following Criteria

  • > 500 total minutes played this season
  • > 18.0 Usage

The axis intersections

  • Turnover rate (current league average (12.8%)
  • Usage rate of these 56 players (24.5%)
  • Regression line of best fit and 95% Confidence Intervals also Displayed.

John Hollinger’s Game Score equation was created to summarize performance in a box score for one game. Athletes that accumulate high numbers of points, assists, rebounds, steals…etc score the highest. Here is the Game Score Equation:

John Hollinger’s Game Score: PTS + (0.4 * FG) – (0.7 * FGA) – (0.4*(FTA – FTM)) + (0.7 * ORB) + (0.3 * DRB) + STL +( 0.7 * AST) + (0.7 * BLK) – (0.4 * PF) – TOV